Victorian Literature and Culture

The department is known for the production of scholarly texts of often neglected authors, which has been nurtured as a particularly productive area of activity, including new editions of works by Mona Caird, Andrew Lang, and Mary Coleridge. Simon Avery is also Associate Editor for the new five-volume edition of Barrett Browning's Collected Work.

The work of the group is characterised by its interdisciplinary nature, having hosted, for example, the public lecture series 'Professor Pepper’s Ghost' on Victorian optical technologies.

Intersections between literature and science define much of the ongoing work of the group, which hosts several doctoral students working in the field (for example on scientific representations of race, the female scientist in literature, and British science fiction).

Current research includes Martin Willis’s work on science and the imagination, a cultural history of the 1890s by Simon Avery, Alexandra Warwick’s work on Victorian archaeology and Michelle Geric’s continuing research into poetry and theories of geology and evolution. Martin Willis is a founder member of the British Society for Literature and Science, and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Literature and Science.


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