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  • Avery, Dr Simon

    Reader in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture

    Simon Avery's interests include nineteenth-century literature and culture, queer history and culture, and the relations between literature and politics. 


  • Baker, Dr John

    Senior Lecturer

    John Baker's interests are in literature (particularly contemporary literature) and the Bible.

    I have taught English literature at Westminster since 2002,...

  • Beck, Professor John


    John Beck works on twentieth century British and American literature and art.

    I studied at the University of East Anglia, UCL,...

  • Bond, Dr Lucy

    Course Leader BA English Literature

    Lucy Bond specialises in contemporary American literature and culture, memory, and trauma.

    I joined the Department of English, Linguistics and Cultural...

  • Charles, Dr Matthew

    Senior Lecturer in Cultural and Critical Theory

    Matthew Charles writes and teaches on critical theories of modern and contemporary culture and education.

    I joined the University of Westminster...

  • Colby, Dr Georgina Elizabeth

    Senior Lecturer in English

    I am a Senior Lecturer in English and the Course Leader for the MA in English Literature: Modern and Contemporary...

  • Cunningham, Dr David


    David Cunningham's interests are in modernism, aesthetics, urban theory and the novel.

    I am Reader in English Literature and Cultural Theory...

  • Geric, Dr Michelle

    Senior Lecturer in English Literature

    Michelle Geric's research interests are in late eighteenth and nineteenth-century literature and cultural history, Romantic and Victorian poetry, exchanges between...

  • Germana, Dr Monica

    Senior Lecturer

    Monica Germana's research focuses on contemporary fiction, the Gothic, and popular culture.

    I graduated from the University of Viterbo (Italy) with...

  • Mapp, Dr Nigel

    Senior Lecturer

    Nigel Mapp's interests are in early modern literature, disenchantment, and philosophical aesthetics.

    I started in my permanent post at Westminster in...

  • McEvoy, Dr Emma

    Senior Lecturer in English Literature

    My interests are in eighteenth-century and contemporary Gothic, Romanticism and theatre.

    I was educated at the University of Leeds (BA Hons...

  • Warwick, Professor Alexandra

    Head of School - Humanities

    Alex Warwick works on the literature and culture of the nineteenth century.

    I have a BA and a PhD in English...

  • Wilson, Professor Leigh

    Professor of English Literature

    Leigh Wilson works on modernism, the contemporary novel and the idea of fiction.

    I was educated at the University of Warwick...

  • Witchard, Dr Anne


    I have taught at the University of Westminster since 2006. I received my BA in English Literature at the University...

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Research Themes

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