Copying Licences

Photocopying and scanning licence

The CLA (Copyright Licensing Agency)

Photocopying and Scanning Licence covers photocopying and scanning from printed books and journals to support students.


You can photocopy books and journals yourself. However not all books and journals are covered by the licence, so you should consult the CLA's List of excluded works before you copy.

The licence allows us to make multiple photocopies of copyright material on UK premises. However such copies may not be made on overseas premises.


You cannot scan books and journals yourself unless you are scanning something for which you personally own the copyright, or something which you have written permission from the copyright holder to scan. If you would like to scan an item under the terms of the licence, you can use the Library's digitisation service.

The licence allows us to put a scanned copy of a printed journal article or book chapter on a reading list in Blackboard for students on a given module. However there are various restrictions imposed by the licence which limit what can be scanned, and control how it is made available for students. For example:

  • All scanning must be recorded, and reported to the CLA once  a year
  • Each scanned extract must be accompanied by a cover sheet giving full bibliographic details of the item
  • Scanned extracts can only be made available to certain groups of students, for one year and extracts must be reapplied for the following year.
  • The CLA may audit the collection at any time

The licence is being monitored very closely by the CLA. Information Services (IS) manages this centrally via the online reading list system so that minimum effort is needed to ensure that Westminster meets these obligations.

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