Directors' Cuts

The centre has been running events for a number of years, including under the banners of Film Matters and Theory Meets Practice, often using external speakers. We have been able to record a number of these events and have collected them here via this portal.

Whilst many of these are videos of the events themselves, we have also collated other media here. For example we include slideshows and photographs, such as those from the Classified exhibition, and other media such as Spotify playlists. The material is organised under the following headings.

  • Sport

    View videos of presentations from our events on Match Fixing, Players' Agents and Intermediaries, along with our sessions on Sports Broadcasting, Contemporary Issues in Sports Law and Image Rights, Contracts and Taxation.

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  • Film and Media

    This section includes a video recording of the guest lecture given by Dave Griffiths based on his Edinburgh Fringe show 'C U In Court' and materials relating to our exclusive screening of the film The Beautiful Game, directed by Entertainment Law LLM graduate Victor Buhler. In addition it has materials linked to the Classified Exhibition we curated in conjunction with the British Board of Film Classification and the Cory Doctorow guest lecture, which was picked up by The Guardian.

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  • Music

    High profile events, including videos of The Artist Contract in the Digital World, in which Chris Ancliff (Warners) and Nick Mason (Pink Floyd) discussed the evolution of Pink Floyd's contractual relations and Once in a Lifetime, an innovative mock negotiation of the sale and purchase of a music publishing company. Other material includes footage of Robert Allan's excellent music contract masterclasses and photos from Tom Hingley's (singer of Inspiral Carpets) interview and performance.

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