Danilo Mandic

Danilo Mandic is a doctoral researcher and member of the Centre. His research project “Technology and Ideas: the challenge of ‘intangible property’ within Copyright Law” is tackling the conundrum of copyright and technology, through the notions of intangibility, property and balance. His other research interests include art and law, technology, cultural industries and development of new social practice.

Having both professional experience in various areas of law, and being actively engaged in different fields of the entertainment industry, he pursued LLM Entertainment Law at the University of Westminster. Also he is an author of conceptual, socially engaged, projects and installations including words and sounds, as well as projects challenging the copyright within artworks.

Current engagement in the Centre includes organising events and workshops. A paper ‘Copyright Law and Intangibility: ideas, creativity and technology’ was delivered at the Annual Conference of the SLSA in March 2010 at Bristol Law School at the University of the West of England.

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