Andrea Pavoni

Andrea just completed his PhD at the University of Westminster, with a thesis, titled “Exceptional Tunings: Controlling Urban Events”. In this thesis he explores the relation between space, law and control: how their relationship unfolds in the contemporary city, and how normative ordering(s) emerge out of the urban ‘mess’, with particular attention to how this occurs in the extraordinary spatio-temporal context of mega events.

Andrea is interested in the way urban space is controlled, how order emerges, how disorder is kept at bay. After a degree in media studies, he steered his academic career towards this, first looking at notions of surveillance, privacy and human rights both as an MA student at City University in London and as research consultant at the ICHRP in Geneva. He then began to develop a more specific interest for, and more sophisticated notion of, space and how it’s shaped by law, security and marketing. Attending the UEFA Euro 2008 in Switzerland, he realised that during these ‘mega events’ spatial manipulation reaches its climax, and by observing them new spatial knowledge can be gained. However, his interests are not limited to such extemporaneous instances. Among his research interests are questions of ethics, justice and normativity, the socio-cultural and geo-political role of food in contemporary society, the relation between capitalism and resistance, and so on. His research draws from various areas such as critical geography, urban studies, legal theory, sociology and philosophy.

Andrea has presented various papers at international conferences, published two articles and collaborated in organising conferences, workshops and to the launch of a new series of issues dedicated to the relation between Law and the Senses in NonLiquet: The Westminster Online Working Papers Series.

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