Law, Gender and Sexuality


The conversations

This project facilitates a series of conversations between academics, non- government organisations and practitioners. The purpose is to transfer knowledge through the cross fertilisation of ideas.

The conversations find areas of commonality between different communities and encourage the discussion and development of conceptual ideas beyond their usual boundaries. In 2009/10 new further conversations took place.

The first Conversation on Regulating Sex took place on 26th November 2009, with Dr Oliver Phillips, Director of Research, University of Westminster, Dr Jo Doezema, University of Sussex; Catherine Stephens, International Union of Sex Workers; Lee Brooker, Terrence Higgins Trust; and James Mannion, SohoBoyz. The second Conversation on Sex, Gender and Religion took place on 27th April with Dr Lucy Vickers, Oxford Brookes University; Suhraiya Jivraj, Oxford Brookes University and Tessa Kendall, National Secular Society, Elizabeth O’Casey, National Secular Society and Harriet Samuels, University of Westminster.