Law, Gender and Sexuality

The Centre for Law, Gender and Sexuality at Westminster originated as part of a collaborative project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) between the law schools at the University of Kent, University of Keele and the University of Westminster.

The Centre adopted a critical, interdisciplinary approach advancing research and scholarship that was theoretically informed and policy relevant. The work of the Centre was focused around three clusters, these were healthcare & bio-ethics, law & culture, and governance & regulation, as well as emergent research streams over the life span of the project such as religion & secularism.

The Centre was committed to debating, disseminating scholarship, and networking with non-academics, working in related fields, through our workshops, non-academic associate fellow scheme, and by engaging with policy-makers, NGOs and lawyers over current legal developments and policy reform. The Centre was particularly attentive to developing activities and research programmes for post graduate and early career academics (PECANS).


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