JunHa Jang

Research Title: A cross-cultural study of architectural production in Korea and the West
Research Areas:

Director of Studies: Professor Murray Fraser
Second Supervisor: Samir Pandya
Starting Date and Mode of Study: 2006 Full-Time

Thesis Synopsis

This PhD by Design studies the impact of western ideas, culture and economics on the current state of architectural production in South Korea within a condition of ever-increasing globalisation, and to do so if focuses mainly on global impacts on the area which surrounds Seoul. Located close to the border with North Korea – a boundary which seems to have a finite life, with many people anticipating a possible reunification of the country in the not-too-distant future – a range of thematic new towns have been built close to the South Korean capital.  These mini-cities are based around specific aspects of digital production in fields  such as book publishing, electronic communications and artistic creativity.  By studying these urban phenomena, and positing what a parallel town might be like if it were to address the South Korean boom area of music technology, this doctorate uses research into post-colonial theory, psychology, musical theory and other aspects to derive experimental designs that might influence architectural and urban thinking in Korea – ideas which are able to navigate between the demands of reunification and the constant pressures of globalisation.