iWestminster features - Campus Maps

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1. Select the Campus or area that you want to explore.

2. Each campus or area is split into categories. Not all areas have results for each category. In this instance, 'Marylebone' has been selected. 

3. Select the category of interest, in this instance, 'Libraries' have been selected. 

4. The main location screen shows an image and map thumbnail as well as additional information and additional functionality. 

5. Select the notes field to view further information. 

6. Select 'View on map' to view the location on the maps. If you're in the vicinity, you can view your own location as well, which will appear on the map with a pink marker.

7. If you have a data connection, you can load a google map instead of the maps that are locally stored on the app.

8. Select 'Directions' and choose whether you would like to view the directions from your location or specify a postcode

9. If you have a data connection, the directions will be shown on a google map.