iWestminster - FAQs

I haven't got an iPhone, can I still access the app?

The app is also available on Android. You can also access the same information via the web app at this address:


You will need to register in the same fashion as for the native app.

I've noticed some incorrect information, how can I notify you?

Open a new ticket in the Service Desk (FixIT) and select 'Public/Corporate website' from the category. This will notify our team and we can correct the error immediately.

How do I update the content?

Content can be updated without having to update the entire app. If there are updates available, a numbered badge will appear above the 'Downloads' icon in the home bar.

  • Select the 'Downloads' icon
  • The content that is out of date will be highlighted by a red bullet. Content that is up to date will be green.
  • Select the down arrow next to the content that you want to download.
  • If it downloads successfully, the button will turn green to indicate that it is up to date.

What happens when I update my University password?

When you update your University password, you will still be able to access the app as normal. When you try to access the parts of the app that are restricted to staff/student use only, you will be prompted to reenter your new password, it will now be cached on the system to enable quick access in the future.

Why can't I access Blackboard or SRS Web?

We aim to continue the development of the app over time, if there's any developments that you think are vital to your student experience, use the feedback form to tell us.

Why isn't Harrow included in the Find-a-PC function?

The Find a PC function is a shortcut into the Campus Maps tool so must be pointed at 1 geographic location. We thought it would be beneficial to include a 'Central London' map to ensure that the Find a PC function included as many PC's as possible.

You can still find available PC's in Harrow by:

Campus Maps > Harrow > PC Availability

You may also want to add these rooms as a favourite in order to access the information quickly.

How does the Find a Friend tool work?

View our features page for find a friend.

Is the Find a Friend tool secure?

Both parties have to invite each other to become a friend. There are no notifications when some one has invited you to become a friend so you won't receive malicious invitations from people who you don't know.

We recommend you set your sharing options to be 'friends only' to ensure that you are sharing your location with trusted parties.

Find out how to configure your settings

Have a question of your own?

Use our feedback form for general questions or contact the Service Desk (FixIT) for urgent support (select public/corporate website or iphone/mobile app from the category field).