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  • Hoang Xuan Viet Nguyen

    MA Global Finance - 2009

    "I have not only gained solid understanding in business and finance in global context, but I also honed critical skills such as strategic thinking, problem solving and networking skills."

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  • Huyen Cao

    MA International Business and Management - 2015

    "University of Westminster, which is located in the centre of London, is truly a vibrant learning environment. Studying here has provided me the essence of international integration and metropolitan life, thus, broadening my mind to a great extent."

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  • Hyen Thanh Nguyen

    International commercial Law LLM - 2012

    "Westminster has been equipped with modern and adequate studying equipment, such as the library facilities as well as the e-library which are very useful for students to search information for references."

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  • Le Minh Triet

    MA Human Resource Management - 2015

    "With campuses located in Central London, the University of Westminster provides students an extraordinary mix between academic learning opportunity and fascinating cultural experience."

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  • Nguyen Dieu Hanh Nguyen

    MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management - 2014

    "University of Westminster provides students with support in any aspects during their study; including 
    academic facilities, student accommodation, career development, and so on."

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  • Ta Quang Ngoc

    MA Communications - 2006

    "There was a huge amount of giving and taking in our class and I was attracted by the variety of cultural and professional backgrounds that enriched my study experience. The lessons I learned in problem solving, identifying opportunities, honing communication skills and developing creativity helped me define and achieve my goals."

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  • Tan Tran

    MA Journalism - 2007

    "At the University of Westminster, students experience the real-life practice in journalism from day-one. I believe that this gives them not only the practical experiences but also the real vision of the competitive media market in the UK."

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  • Tham Nguyen

    Tham Nguyen

    MA Human Resource Management

    "All of my experiences made me inspired and appreciated my daily learning experience whilst pursuing my study in Human Resource Management, thanks to good lecturers who have strong professional background and real-life case studies with my classmates"

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  • Tho Cam Vu

    BSc Finance with Management - 2011

    "Westminster has a great number of active societies, offering students the chance to spend their leisure time doing sports, music, or develop new interests. University of Westminster is definitely the best decision I have ever made."

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  • Thu Hien Bach

    MA Communications Policy - 2009

    "Experienced and helpful teaching staff, highly international and multicultural environment and excellent student services at Westminster gave me the best experience and extraordinarily pleasant memories."

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  • Thuy Duong Le

    BA Media Studies - 2011

    "Two years spent here have been an amazing experience as I made a lot of friends, learned new things and enjoyed life in one of the most dynamic and multi-cultural cities in the world."

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  • Trang Ngo

    Trang H Ngo

    Mphil/PhD in Finance and Banking

    "With all the love for London and University of Westminster, I decided to continue my PhD and have been enjoyed my study at the Business School. The reason why I choose to study further is because of my fascination in teaching and working with students, to support my long-term objective of becoming a lecturer at the University of Westminster."

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  • Tung Nguyen

    Tung Nguyen

    MA Public Relations

    "I chose London because this city is dynamic but still is carrying its tradition inside. I chose Westminster because the high ranking of Media and Communication and I believed that I could find a good job once I graduate."

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