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  • Amanda Schultz

    MA Museums, Galleries & Contemporary Culture

    "My background is in Literature but I volunteered in a couple of museums and really wanted to pursue a museum career. I decided to do Museums, Galleries & Contemporary Culture MA course because there were a lot of practical elements and most of the class periods were held in museums with professionals."

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  • Audane Leger

    Audane Leger

    Marketing Management MSc

    Audane comes from Boston, MA and is currently studying on Marketing Management MSc at Westminster Business School.

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  • Charles Spady

    BA Business Management - 2014

    "Westminster Business School staff, and a fellow alumnus, provided critical support in my gaining my first position in a well-established organisation after such a long employment break."

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  • Charlie Kunzer

    Charlie Kunzer

    International Relations and History BA Honours

    "I was happy at Westminster and felt they provided a great program of study and I was well supported by the staff throughout my time there."

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  • Emelebele Owoh

    BA Property with Business

    "The first year was a bit more about finding your feet, but in the second and third year things become more serious, and we’ve had some very good lecturers. I know it’s important that we do a lot of independent reading and study, but when a lecturer comes in and starts talking about something, and explains it so that you can get it instantly, it makes such a difference."

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  • Kenzie Karkkainen USA student

    Kenzie Karkkainen

    Creative Writing and English Literature BA Honours

    Kenzie comes from Minnesota and is currently studying on Creative Writing and English Literature BA Honours.

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  • Lareena Tapia

    MSc Business Psychology - 2008

    "I would recommend the University of Westminster because of the great experience I have had here. From working with the module leaders to the support staff, everyone has provided exceptional service."

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  • Laurie Nothstine

    MA, Conference and Events management

    "I was in constant contact with the University while making my decision and everyone in admissions, scholarships, and housing was extremely helpful throughout the whole process."

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  • Marie Kotter

    BA Business management with International business

    "In the UK it's a three-year, very focused course, whereas in the US it would be four years, and there would be a lot of extra credit to do. I'm a scholarship student, and the University of Westminster is one of the few that offers any funding to international undergraduate students."

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  • Nicole Slavin

    BSc Physiology and Pharmacology

    "For me, one of the high points of the course was the fact that everyone in the third year gets to do a research project, whereas most other universities only allow something like the top ten per cent to do a project. It’s extremely beneficial for anyone who plans to go on to do more studying and in the sciences that tends to be mostly necessary – you really do need a PhD or a Masters, going forward."

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  • Paul Ashe

    MA Marketing Communications - 2011

    "The University of Westminster offers a fantastic opportunity to study in one of the most culturally rich cities in the world, under the direction of exceptionally skilled and forward-thinking instructors."

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  • Preston Guse

    Master of Business Administration (MBA)

    "The reason for selecting the University of Westminster was due to its location in London. It was important to do an International MBA in order to experience living in a different country and also learn how different cultures operate."

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  • Emily Rosado

    Professor Emily Rosado

    MA International Journalism

    "As an international student, I found the University of Westminster to be extremely accommodating and supportive in all aspects of the application and enrolment process. In addition, the faculty were accomplished in their fields and enthusiastic to work with students."

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  • Rachel Eisner

    BA Honours Sociology (study abroad), graduated in 2014

    "My time at Westminster was a truly wonderful experience that not only challenged but inspired me, both academically and personally."

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  • Renee Noyola

    MSc International Public Health Nutrition

    "The small class sizes made it easy to get help and mentoring from my professors, who incorporated their field experiences into module lessons which made the lectures interesting and inspiring."

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  • Sarah Meyer

    MA Event & Conference Management - 2014

    "I chose to study in the heart of London because it has a unique position as one of the world leaders in events. Being able to get hands on experience from some of the leaders of the UK event industry has been invaluable."

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  • Seán Kane

    Seán Kane

    International Relations and Democratic Politics MA

    "Not only have I gotten an opportunity to study something quite different from my previous work, I have also met so many fantastic people along the way from all corners of the globe."

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  • Staci West

    International Relations and Security MA

    "I seek out adventure and am curious about everything. I love to get lost and actively seek out hidden colourful bits of London, whether it be a bright door or flowers decorating the sidewalk."

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