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  • Anastasia Denisova

    PhD, Faculty of Media, Arts and Design

    The University of Westminster is absolutely exceptional for me in terms of academic staff, research vigour and student support. It was a huge revelation for me to learn that all those brilliant media scholars whose books I had been reading and adoring for years, do actually work at the University of Westminster!

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  • Anastasia Spyropoulos

    Anastasia Spyropoulos

    BA Business Management

    I will always remember my student life at the University of Westminster with a smile, and friends I made there will always stay in my heart no matter what the future holds.

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  • Anna Ekonomova

    Anna Ekonomova

    MA Architecture

    The unique feature of my course is that I have learned a lot of new software packages which definitely will give more freedom in the architectural and design world.

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  • Ekaterina Alexandrova

    Ekaterina Alexandrova

    Media and Communications

    The University of Westminster is recognised in Russia and well known round the world. I also became better educated in the media industry and all the latest media trends and technologies, which was extremely important for me professionally.

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  • Fargiya Kerimova

    Fargiya Kerimova

    LLM International Commercial Law

    The worldwide reputation of UK education definitely helped me with my future career, and gave me confidence in the sphere where I was going to work. I could feel the importance of my education shortly after my studies finished, when I started to work for the London office of one the Magic Circle law firms.

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  • Lucy Agafonova

    Lucy Agafonova

    MA, Westminster Business School

    "I have a specialist degree with distinction in International Economics from the Financial University in Moscow, I had an amazing chance to work in the USA and to spend my student exchange year in Germany, and now I am finishing also with distinction my Masters in the heart of London at Westminster Business School."

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