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  • Abdulmumin Usman

    Abdulmumin Usman

    MSc Finance and Accounting

    "I simply regard the University of Westminster as outstanding for anyone considering studying in the UK because of its recognition for teaching quality, modern facilities, superb support services, great location and career prospects."

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  • Abubakar Sanusi Monguno

    Abubakar Sanusi Monguno

    Investment and Risk Finance MSc

    "One of the best places to study Finance is the University of Westminster. It has one of the largest suites of Bloomberg Financial platform of all UK universities, so being around the financial world in real time is great."

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  • Adedamola Ayomide Adedinsewo

    Adedamola Ayomide Adedinsewo

    MA International Business and Management

    "I chose Westminster because of its ethnic diversity, track record and variety of courses. I have made friends for life while achieving my academic goals. The combination of lectures, course works and exams has helped to broaden my knowledge of business and management which will help my career."

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  • Adediran Kayode Bolarinwa

    Adediran Kayode Bolarinwa

    MA International Relations and Contemporary Political Theory

    "The opportunity to combine my studies with a great experience from one of the most multicultural cities in the world was absolutely a great attraction for me and I have enjoyed every minute of the Westminster experience. I have attended several seminars on subjects related to my course at the House of Lords in the British Parliament."

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  • Adeyemi Toluhi

    Adeyemi Toluhi

    MSc Mobile Personal and Satellite Communications

    "My Masters has certainly opened up the global job market to me, and given me more options in terms of my role and location. I now work in the technology division of an investment bank in London."

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  • Afra El-Nafaty from Nigeria

    Afra El-Nafaty

    MA International Business & Management

    "The Business School is centrally located, so whether it is shops, attractions or going out, everything is very close. The transport links are great too! If I had to sum up my experience so far at Westminster in one word, first words that come to my mind are: challenging and interesting."

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  • Akin Olaniyan

    Akin Olaniyan

    Social Media, Culture and Society MA

    "I would surely recommend the University of Westminster because of the quality of the tutors and their profile in conducting research in social media."

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  • Anthony Jimmy Ndackson

    Anthony Jimmy Ndackson

    Database Systems MSc

    "The teaching style is what I like best about Westminster. There are caring tutors who are willing and able to make sacrifices to ensure that their students come out with the best degrees. Also, the workshops frequently organised by the school have given me the opportunity to meet experts in my field."

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  • Chioma Rita Achi

    Chioma Rita Achi

    MSc Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

    "I decided to go with the University of Westminster because I had found from my research that it is the best place to study Journalism, with its vast range of modern equipment, experienced and professional ex BBC reporters, producers and presenters."

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  • Anulika Agina

    Dr Anulika Agina

    Research - Media, Art and Design

    "The best thing about being a student in London was undoubtedly the possibility of using several other libraries in London, beyond Westminster’s. I found the city full of exciting exhibitions, artistic and cultural artefacts."

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  • Fochi Nwodo Chevening student from Nigeria

    Fochi Nwodo

    International and Commercial Dispute Resolution Law LLM

    "Studying at the University of Westminster was thrilling. I met teachers who shared all the relevant knowledge and demonstrated the importance of in-depth research. Given that Westminster Law School is situated in central London, I also had the opportunity to experience first-hand all the reasons why London is such a popular city."

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  • Hamza Marafa Chevening student from Nigeria

    Hamza Marafa

    International Development Management MSc

    "At Westminster I found a company of inquisitive, vibrant and positive minds that look beyond the status quo to shape the world in economics, finance and business. If you're interested in being a leader in this rapidly changing world, Westminster Business School is the right place to be."

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  • Ifeanyi Clinton Okoye student testimonial

    Ifeanyi Clinton Okoye

    MA International Development Management

    "What attracted me to Westminster specifically, was the management aspect of the course, which other schools do not offer. I also like the location of the school as it is situated at the very heart of London and the multicultural environment is nothing but amazing."

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  • Isabella Gonda

    Isabella Gonda

    MA International Development Management

    "The University environment is beautiful and the Business School is based in an amazing central London location, which brings lots of advantages to studying here."

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  • Joseph Osejele Idaye

    Joseph Osejele Idaye

    Mobile, Wireless & Broadband Communications MSc

    "The education system is interactive and focuses on teamwork; there is a lot of emphasis on creativity, originality and self-direction. Curriculum is intensive at advanced level, practice-oriented and designed to meet the expectations of students seeking specialized knowledge."

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  • Joy Ane Ujah

    Joy Ane Ujah

    MSc International Business Economics

    "It is extremely convenient that Westminster is located in the heart of London, where everything is accessible and links with the financial sector can be made. The vast modules taught at Westminster have allowed me to obtain a well-rounded view of business economics and financial studies."

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  • Nonso Okani

    Nonso Okani

    MSc Information Management and Finance

    "The location is great, enabling you to experience the cosmopolitan city of London. It has being a beautiful experience for me at Westminster."

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  • Prisliv Obiegbu

    Prisliv Obiegbu

    MA Journalism (International): Broadcast

    "I decided to go with the University of Westminster because I had found from my research that it is the best place to study Journalism, with its vast range of modern equipment, experienced and professional ex BBC reporters, producers and presenters."

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  • Ruona Jennifer Agbroko

    Ruona Jennifer Agbroko

    MA Journalism (International): Broadcast

    "I chose the University of Westminster because a simple Google search showed its journalism alumni were often to be seen in reputable news organisations and agencies worldwide or doing very well in their home countries."

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  • Tochukwu Dubem Anyaduba

    Tochukwu Dubem Anyaduba

    MSc Environmental Biotechnology

    "The teaching technique at the University is centred on harnessing our employability, creativity and our abilities to think outside the box. There are also detailed practical hands-on expository sessions in the University’s state-of-the-art laboratory facility which I consider an invaluable skill needed in my pursuit for a career in academia."

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  • Yewande Adekunle

    Yewande Adekunle

    PhD Communication and Research Institute (CAMRI)

    "Westminster has a strong academic environment that promotes skills and unites theoretical education with the practical world. It is top ranking and highly reputable with regards to Communication and Media studies which is my forte."

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