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  • Aizhan Konysbayeva

    Aizhan Konysbayeva

    MSc Marketing Management

    "Friendly and attentive teaching staff, a great location in the heart of London, a strong programme with in-depth knowledge as well as fun extra-curricular activities made the University of Westminster absolutely the right choice for my Marketing Management course."

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  • Dinmukhammed Syzdykov

    Damir Rakhmetov

    MSc Business Information Systems

    "Studying MSc Business Information Systems (BIS) helped me to realise various business opportunities in e-Commerce, as well as the understanding of services’ or products’ life cycles."

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  • Damir Rakhmetov

    Dauren Toleukhanov

    MA Diplomatic Studies

    "I opted for Westminster because it offered the best postgraduate education for diplomats – my degree allowed me to quickly progress from 1st Secretary of our Embassy in London to Deputy Director of the Department for Europe and Americas of Kazakhstan's Foreign Office."

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  • Dauren Toleukhanov

    Dinmukhammed Syzdykov

    BA Business Management – Marketing

    "I really enjoy studying at the University of Westminster. I chose this university for many different reasons. Of course, the academic reasons were the main ones for me and I liked the idea of the course. The fact that you could not only study Business Management, but also have an option to specialise later in any pathway you were interested in by the end of the first year."

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  • Zarina Altynbayeva

    Zarina Altynbayeva

    BA Commercial Music

    "I found the University of Westminster very cosmopolitan and varied – that’s what I liked the best! As an international student it was such an amazing experience for me to meet so many people with different nationalities and cultures. By the end of the course I’ve made lots of friends all around the world."

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