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  • Ady Wisnu Nugroho.

    Ady Wisnu Nugroho

    MA Journalism - 2009

    "What I enjoyed about Westminster the most is the newsroom facility designed to support student projects. The international atmosphere is another plus."

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  • Anita Puspita.

    Anita Puspita

    MA Fashion Business Management - 2009

    "My experience in the university has been really great! What I enjoyed the most was meeting new people from all over the world. It has helped me to broaden my business management views as well as extend my professional networks."

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  • Dewi Budiyanti

    International Relations MA - 2015

    "Various seminars and social events related to International issues regularly take place in London. In parallel, the location of the University in the heart of London makes it possible to enjoy city attractions and have rich social and cultural experiences. The international atmosphere that London offers also enables me to make friends around the world."

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  • Hanny Wijaya

    Hanny Wijaya

    MA Museums, Galleries and Contemporary Culture - 2014

    "The international atmosphere in London gave me the feeling that I was being appreciated as a significant part of global society. This amazing experience gave me a great opportunity to develop myself in both academic and professional career after I graduated and went back to Indonesia."

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  • Ryo Limijaya Indonesia Westminster student profile

    Ryo Limijaya

    Marketing Communications MA

    What I enjoyed the most from my study at Westminster is that, apart from the cultural diversity I experienced at Westminster, I also love how the lecturers and the staff bring the academic subject into real life and they are applicable with industry practice and real case study. 

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