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  • Akash Joshi

    Akash Joshi

    MSc Medical Biotechnology - 2007

    "The course gave me an insight into multiple segments of biotechnology. The teachers were very approachable, knowledgeable and thought with zeal. They made classroom fun-learn-room. I loved it."

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  • Akshay Kulhar

    Akshay Khullar

    MSc Computer Animation - 2009

    "Being a part of the Student's Union as an International student advisor, I was fortunate enough to meet some fantastic people and a few who remain as one of the closest friends till date."

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  • Divesh Bhatija

    Divesh Bhatija

    MSc Investment and Risk Finance - 2011

    "The faculty was a perfect blend of educational and industrial professionals."

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  • Jigar Mehta

    Jigar Mehta

    MA Marketing Communications - 2009

    "Studying at a University which at the heart of London is an experience which is unforgettable, from a set of teachers who are always helpful to having classmates from different countries has given me the edge that was missing."

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  • Karan Desai

    Karan Desai

    MA International Business and Management - 2006

    "The University staff is highly experienced and also very helpful and this played an important role in allowing me to absorb the course content optimally and finish the degree with a distinction."

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  • Laboni Saha

    Laboni Saha

    MA Fashion Business Management - 2012

    "The ever encouraging faculties and inspirational lecturers always encouraged me to do my best, in every aspect of the course and beyond."

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  • Rahul Bhatt

    Rahul Bhatt

    MA Audio Production - 2007

    "I have received freelance work opportunities through faculty recommendations even before I completed my course. Needless to say - Westminster enjoys a great reputation in the creative arts domain."

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  • Yashraj Jain

    Yashraj Jain

    MA Applied Market and Social Research - 2011

    "The university's campuses being spread out across London made it extremely easy to pop-in and out to finish coursework or access the libraries - I did not find the need to buy a laptop and I completed my dissertation thanks to the IT and other supporting resources the university had on offer."

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