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  • Bin ZHANG

    Bin ZHANG

    MA Media Management, graduated 2010

    "一年虽短,影响却是长远。 感谢威敏,以及那些和我一同度过的同学们。 学位不过一张纸,而你们是我最大的财富。"

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  • Hejun ZHANG

    Hejun ZHANG

    International Media Business MA, University of Westminster half scholarship

    "What I like best about Westminster is its great importance attached to media practice. Our course leader teaches us very useful working skills each week and gives us guidance on how to find a decent internship or a permanent job."

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  • Jie GAO

    Jie GAO

    Translation and Interpreting MA, graduated 2014


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  • Jingyi LU

    Jingyi LU

    Conference and Events Management MA, graduated 2012

    "Westminster is the best place to study events management because thousands of events happen in London every year. The course is good because it covers both business events and also the leisure event sector."

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  • Jun Yang

    Jun Yang

    MSc Chinese Herbal Medicine

    "The staff on the course were very, very good, and the Polyclinic is an excellent facility. It’s unusual to be able to get that experience, and it was a very practical part of my course, so it has fed into my practice here."

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  • Mingzhong SONG

    Mingzhong SONG

    BA (Hons) Architecture, 1st class, graduated 2014

    "My experience at the University of Westminster has fundamentally changed the way in which I approach architecture. The course allowed me to tailor my own education and encouraged me to develop my personality and strengths."

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  • Ruifeng Ding

    Ruifeng Ding

    MA, Tourism Management

    "The courses here are practical enough to help you in your career and many of Westminster’s courses have a really good reputation."

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  • Xiaodi XIONG

    Xiaodi XIONG

    Film and Television: Theory, Culture and Industry MA, University of Westminster half scholarship

    "What is most helpful is the abundant resource in library, books, DVDs, and well-equipped facilities like computers, printers for my study and daily life."

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  • Yuqi NA

    Yuqi NA

    Faculty of Media, Arts and Design, PhD full scholarship 2014


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