Student profiles – Brazil

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  • Andrea Leonel De Meneses

    Andrea Leonel De Meneses

    BA (Hons) Public Relations

    "The university has provided me with all the support I needed not only in terms of work experience and career advice, but also in helping me adapt to my new life. Also, my tutors are also open to discuss my career choices and guide me through all the different opportunities a city like London can give you."

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  • Fernanda Martorano Menegotto

    MA Media Management

    Fernanda Martorano Menegotto graduated from the MA Media Management course in 2011 and now runs her own video agency in Brazil. She talks about her experience in London in this Foreign & Commonwealth Office video.

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  • Susana Byun

    Susana Byun

    Marketing Communications MA

    Now as an alumna, I realise that studying abroad has been a unique and life-changing experience in all senses – academically, professionally and personally. I acquired invaluable knowledge, met inspiring people, learned new cultures, explored London and visited incredible places.

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  • Will Prestes

    Will Prestes

    MA Media Management

    "A message to the ones that are considering Westminster: it really had a big influence in my career and salary. But the most important: I had a wonderful time."

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