Tier 4 visa conditions

What is the points-based immigration system?

The points-based system (PBS) is a new immigration system affecting students who come to the UK from outside the European Economic Area.

Tier Migrant route
1 Highly skilled migrants (including post-study work)
2 Skilled workers with a job offer
3 Low-skilled workers
4 Students on a student visa
5 Temporary workers and youth mobility (including sponsored researchers)

The University of Westminster is a licensed sponsor institution with UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). As a sponsor the University has certain responsibilities, which are audited by the Home Office.

How does Tier 4 affect you, the student?

As a student on a Tier 4 (General) student visa, the following is required to comply with your immigration conditions.


Your student visa is tied to the institution sponsoring you – the University of Westminster. If you wish to change institution and study elsewhere, you must submit a new visa application.

On arrival

When you arrive in the UK:

  • You must register during your enrolment period. If you have been issued with a CAS number but don’t enrol, you will be reported to UKVI. If you decide not to come to the University or will arrive late, you must inform admission or the Registry Office
  • Admissions and the Faculty Registry will take a copy of your passport and visa details for the student record
  • Be sure to keep your contact details up-to-date via SRSWeb
  • You have to be registered as a student at the University on a full-time course or an exchange programme. If you are on a course below degree level you must have at least 15 hours per week of daytime study
  • You must be studying on a programme at Level 6 of the National Qualifications Framework or an English language course at the approved UKVI level

During your studies

  • You can only undertake work placements that are assessed and do not make up more than 50% of the total length of the course, unless there is a statutory requirement for this
  • You must attend teaching sessions regularly and request permission from the Faculty Registry if you need to be absent for any reason. If you have 10 unauthorised absences from the University, you will be reported to the UKVI
  • Your attendance will be monitored through data collected from gate access into the University, network access and PC access
  • Think carefully before applying for a deferral or withdrawal. Students who withdraw or defer will be reported to the UKVI and will need to leave the UK
  • Inform the University if your immigration conditions change, such as if you change your visa category
  • Check the information on re-sits and repeats. If you need to re-sit an exam or repeat a module, you will have to ensure your enrolment status allows you to stay in the UK during the re-sit/repeat period
  • Be aware of the points-based system, regularly read the University's web pages for current students on immigration and check email bulletins for updates

After your studies

Once your studies are completed you must leave the UK if there is more than 1 month between your current leave to remain expiring and the start of a new course.