Acceptance to Study on a Study Abroad Programme Policy

  1. You will be advised of your acceptance to study on the Study Abroad Programme via email.
  2. Your email will detail the conditions of your acceptance, including how to decline your offer of a place.
  3. Your acceptance will be sent either to you if you have applied directly to us or to the third party through which you have chosen to study at the University through if you have applied via one of our partner organisations.
  4. For details of the third parties we work with please refer to the partner table for the Study Abroad Programme. This list is not exhaustive, ie you may be able to apply via a different university, for example, and the list may also be subject to change
  5. Acceptance to the Study Abroad Programme does not mean acceptance onto specific modules, but is an acceptance onto the Study Abroad Programme.
  6. The University will offer modules in line with the disclaimer in its module catalogue for the Study Abroad Programme.
  7. For details of the costs associated with the Study Abroad Programme, including what is and what is not covered for tuition and accommodation costs, please visit our costs page. The costs detailed on this page represent the costs associated with direct entry to the programme. If you apply via a third party the costs associated with the programme will be detailed by the third party.

For details of our withdrawal policy for the study abroad programme (tuition and housing) please visit our withdrawal policy page. The withdrawal policy applies to both direct applicants and applicants via third parties. Please note, the third party’s withdrawal policy may differ from the University of Westminster’s study abroad programme withdrawal policy. Students who choose to study at the University via a third party route must ensure that they are aware of the cancellation and withdrawal policies of the third party provider they choose to study at the University through.

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