Internship Study Abroad Programme Dates

The Study Abroad Internship Programme can be undertaken in Semester 1 or Semester 2 of the University’s academic year.

You will take the internship across the whole semester, working 14 hours per week.

Semester 1 – Fall 2017

Saturday 16 September (from 2pm)

University accommodation check-in

Monday 18 to Friday 22 September

Orientation / Registration Week

Monday 25 September

Classes begin

Friday 15 December

Classes end

Monday 18 December to Friday 5 January

Winter vacation

Monday 8 to Friday 19 January

Semester 1 Exam Period* (full year students only)

Saturday 13 January (by 10am)

Final University accommodation check-out for Semester 1 students

Monday 26 February (TBC)

Transcripts will be released from this date

*Please note: If you study with us for Semester 1 (Fall) only, then alternative assessment for any modules with formal examinations will be set. This means you will not need to return for the exam period in January but are able to leave when teaching ends prior to the winter vacation.

Semester 1 (Fall) contract dates for housing end at the official end date of the semester. If you apply to live in University accommodation please remember you are liable for the full contracted period.

Please also note that some coursework deadlines may be set in the first half of January. If you take a module with a deadline after the winter vacation, but have to leave London before these deadlines you should try to complete all assessment before you leave. As a student it remains your responsibility to ensure you meet all submission deadlines.

Semester 2 – Spring 2018

Saturday 13 January (from 2pm)

University accommodation check-in

Monday 15 to Friday 19 January

Orientation / Registration Week

Monday 22 January

Classes begin

Friday 13 April

Classes end

Monday 16 to Friday 27 April

Spring vacation

Monday 30 April to Friday 18 May

Semester 2 Exam Period

Monday 21 May

Final coursework deadline for modules without exams

Friday 25 May

Semester 2 ends

Saturday 26 May (by 10am)

Final University accommodation check-out for Full Year and Semester 2 students

Thursday 14 June

Transcripts will be released from this date

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