We offer exciting modules in psychology in both sessions:

Myth and Methods in Psychology

This module explores the scientific evidence for things that are widely accepted by the general public such as astrology, ESP and near death experiences. The students will examine the methods used in the investigation of popular myths, as well as factors underlying beliefs in things for which there is little scientific evidence. The module also includes a visit to the famous Freud museum.

Psychology of Life

Urban psychology is a growing and exciting area of psychology. Cities are our creation, perhaps our delights and perhaps our nightmares. Nowhere is there such diversity, novelty, intensity and choice as in cities. This module explores the social characteristics, ie economic status, race and ethnicity of city dwellers and the role of the physical environment. It looks at areas such as: stress and well-being, crime and pro-social behaviour. The module also includes a visit to the Museum of London.

Download the Complete Summer Programme Class Catalogue (PDF).

Session one

Code Class Level
4PSYC001X Myth and Method in Psychology 4

Session two

Code Class Level
5PSYC001X Psychology of City Life 5

Please note: occasionally we may be unable to offer some of the classes listed above, so please select a first and second choice for each session you are applying for. It is your responsibility to ensure both choices are pre-approved for credit by your home institution before applying. In the event that your first choice is not available, we will automatically register you for your alternative choice. In the unlikely event that your alternative module choice should be cancelled due to an unforeseen circumstance we will contact you directly via email to notify you of the cancellation and to request a further module choice.

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