Media, Arts and Design

This pathway gives you access to classes in communication, fashion and media. The University's Faculty of Media, Arts and Design has an impressive reputation, with one of the most varied arts and media portfolios in Europe. It prepares you not only to enter the creative industries, but to shape and lead them.

Inspired by London, all classes are hands-on and cover areas such as fashion, journalism, photography and television. During the programme you will have access to the extensive, state-of-the-art facilities at our Harrow Campus, equipped with high-end professional studios, workshops, laboratories, editing suites, industry-standard TV studios and specialist equipment.

Download the Complete Summer Programme Class Catalogue (PDF).

Session one

Code Class Level
4JRNL008X Print Journalism: The London Experience 4
4TVPR007X Television in London 4
4IMAG012X Photographing the City: London 4

Session two

Code Class Level
4TVPR007X Television in London 4
4IMAG012X Photographing the City: London 4
4JRNL007X London: Cultural Capital of the World 4
4JRNL009X Multimedia Journalism: The London Experience 4

Please note: occasionally we may be unable to offer some of the classes listed above, so please select a first and second choice for each session you are applying for. It is your responsibility to ensure both choices are pre-approved for credit by your home institution before applying. In the event that your first choice is not available, we will automatically register you for your alternative choice. In the unlikely event that your alternative module choice should be cancelled due to an unforeseen circumstance we will contact you directly via email to notify you of the cancellation and to request a further module choice.

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