Portfolios for practical courses

Any students applying for practice / practical based modules will need to submit a portfolio of work at the time of their application. Your application to take practical classes CANNOT be considered without a portfolio. These include modules such as Audio production, Film and TV, Photography, Illustration, Graphics, Fine Arts, Fashion Design, Animation, Urban Design and Architecture.

  • Portfolios should show an example of the work you have produced, your level and your abilities.
  • Work should be relevant to the class you are applying to take.
  • Multi media presentations, photographs, slides, videos, CD-ROMs and drawings are all acceptable.
  • All work should be clearly marked with student's name and home institution. This is especially important for pieces of work consisting of more than one part, that could become separated.
  • Portfolio work should be supported by documentation to explain the piece (motivations, objectives, production methods etc). Students should also be aware that VHS formatting in the UK is different from the US / Canada / Australia.
  • Work should be PC and MAC compatible.

Due to limited capacity within the studios etc it may not always be possible for exchange student to take practical modules and you should always choose alternative modules in case classes are full.

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