Culture as Education

‘Culture as Education’ is a large-scale, trans-national, inter-institutional Collaborative Research Project in the Arts and Humanities.

It brings together a Consortium of world-leading academics, educators, and practitioners from 4 European capitals of culture. The academic partners are: University of Westminster, London; Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna; Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design; and Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki. The non-academic partners are: Tate, London; Museum of Modern Art, Vienna; Centraal Museum, Utrecht; and the Finnish National Gallery, Helsinki.

The Project asks:

In both universities and cultural institutions, how can ‘cultural practices’ be understood as generative of distinctive new paradigms of education, learning, and thinking?

This Consortium is the first to undertake the following trans-national aims and objectives vis-à-vis cultural practice:

  • to compare and contrast the legacies and changing identities of national education systems
  • to propose transferable knowledges between academic and non-academic environments
  • to offer comprehensive and robust outcomes which benefit both the academic community and educational professionals, policy makers and practitioners

The Consortium will be organizing four conferences in the next 18 months, the first of which will be taking place from Friday 11th - Saturday 12th December 2009 at the Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design.


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