Knowledge, Cultural Memory, Archives and Research

This module offers a critical introduction to postgraduate research in theoretical and practical contexts. It foregrounds and engages with key issues for the production of knowledge in the Humanities through an interdisciplinary approach that ranges across literary theory, cultural studies, philosophy and the arts. Through this attention, the module highlights questions concerning epistemology, public institutions of knowledge, pedagogy, memory and archives, and research itself, in terms of information-gathering, retrieval, and analysis. Thus, the module integrates research skills and methods with critical analysis of knowledge and cultural value.

In each semester, the module is delivered through three formats: group seminars; lectures by specialist staff from across the Department; and practical workshops. Each semester is also divided into two broad blocks of such events, each concentrating on a specific theme.

In the Autumn semester, these themes are:

Institutions of Knowledge; and Discipline and Interdisciplinarity.

In the Spring semester, they are:

Knowledge and History; and Archives and Memory.

Archives and Research is a core module for students on a number of MAs in the Department: English Literature, Cultural and Critical Studies, and Visual Culture. It is also open to students on the Museums, Galleries and Contemporary Culture MA, and to doctoral researchers across the Department. Hence, it offers students a unique opportunity to meet up and to discuss the wider issues that contextualise their specific degrees and research practices.

Research Themes

From New Media Theory to Spiritualism and Technology, find out the areas of the Institute's Research.

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