The India Media Centre is a pioneering venture, which will bring together distinguished scholars, researchers and professionals in Indian media. Through activities such as conferences, seminars and workshops, as well as film screenings and arts events, the Centre will provide a platform for developing and disseminating cutting edge research and creative projects.

Aims and objectives

  • Promote and develop research and knowledge transfer on Indian media in a global context
  • Ensure dissemination and impact of research through high-profile international conferences, events, leading publications and policy documents
  • Attract high-quality research students to benefit from a rich research environment
  • Build collaborative links with international institutions, policy makers, NGOs and creative and cultural industries
  • Provide a platform for UK-based Indian media, arts and cultural organizations through exhibitions/installations and film screenings
  • Offer quality services including consultancy and short courses to a range of different groups including government officials, journalists, media organisations and NGOs


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