Richard West is using eye tracking to monitor the response to advertising images amongst different ethnic groups. The research classifies advertising images according to the desired response ('Emotional' 'Rational' and 'Moral') and compares the eye-tracking data with qualitative data from questionnaires.

The research aims to establish whether cultural predisposition to images can be quantified biometrically. He is also working with Biometric Analysis Agency, 'Acuity', to analyse whether 'emotional engagement' with advertising images can be benchmarked through the use of skin sensors - measuring local body temperature and perspiration.

Innovation and agriculture

The web of influencers affecting innovation adoption amongst dairy farmers in Ireland, co-author is Alison Rieple, received university funding and its submission deadline is end of the summer. So far part of the interviews have been conducted and are being analysed.

This project also brings us into partnership with a potentially important collaborator, Teagasc, the Irish Agriculture and Food Authority. The aim is to establish a track record of successful transnational collaboration which will inspire confidence and will allow us a better chance of success in bids that we make to external funding bodies.

Already, we have been contacted by students interested in carrying out research projects in the field of agriculture in countries as diverse as Uruguay and African countries.


Kleopatra Konstantoulaki is currently an active researcher in the area of Marketing. Her research interests, among others, are situated in the area of Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Psychology and Marketing Communications. Kleopatra has supervised a number of UG and PG dissertations in these areas. Her PhD is on “The effect of involvement on the descriptive properties of the consideration set in several decision-making contexts”.

She is particularly interested in the experimental methodology; however part of her work is based on model building. Kleopatra is currently conducting research on subjects including consumer decision-making, gift-giving occasions, consumer involvement and mental intangibility.

Other areas of research interest and expertise include: 

  • Ethnic responses to advertising images using eye tracking technologies - Richard West with Biometric Analysis Agency, 'Acuity'
  • The contribution of middle managers to the development and implementation of dynamic capabilities – Ioannis Christodoulou in collaboration with UEA / Sussex
  • Small farmers and sustainability: institutional barriers to investment and innovation in the Malaysian palm oil industry (Jane Chang and Alison Rieple with the University of Hertfordshire and two colleagues from Malaysia)
  • Barriers to innovation in Irish dairy farming (Sylvia Snijders and Alison Rieple in collaboration with Teagasc, ROI)
  • Assessing students' entrepreneurial skills development in live projects (Jane Chang and Abdelhafid Benamraoui (plus AR)
  • How organizational learning enhances marketing strategy development, collaboration with colleagues from the Korean fashion industry (Yang-Im Lee).
  • Are eco-tourists different? A study of marketing communications effectiveness in destination selection (Jackie Lynch and Jane Chang)
  • Assessing the role of trust in the relationship between banks, government agencies and entrepreneurs in Nigeria (Frances Ekwulugo and Jane Chang)
  • Ethnic Women Entrepreneurs and the concrete ceiling (Frances Ekwulugo)
  • A Comparative Analysis of Agenda-Setting in Referendum Campaigns: a Case Study of the 2004 Cyprus Referendum (Unvan Atas)
  • The use of strategy support tools to create and rehearse strategic initiatives, as part of a “managed” strategy development process (Paul Langley, in collaboration with McKinsey’s in America)
  • Fashion
  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Trust in clusters
  • Entrepreneurial pedagogy
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