Current PhD Students

  • Alina Benyaminova ([email protected])
  • Chahna Gonsalves
  • Lilit Baghdasaryan
  • Gizem Morris
  • Antonius van de Broek (collaborative supervision with UoAL)
  • Jacqueline Shorrocks (collaborative supervision with NTU)

PhD student projects (past and present)

  • Impact of digital and social media marketing on corporate social responsibility in the UK banking industry
  • Sensory branding effects on sexually-differently-oriented consumers’ brand perception
  • The construction of role identity in Chinese second generation family businesses in China
  • AI-mediated Social Media for Open Innovation in software product development
  • Strategic decision making in digital design firms
  • Factors influencing the choice of manufacturing  locations in the UK fashion industry
  • Influences on strategic decision making in US recorded music micro-enterprises
  • Outsourcing in the NHS
  • Business to business relationships in the banking sector of the UAE
  • Role conflict in the Value for Money Audit process
  • Headquarters South East Asia Command: Planning and Conduct of Joint Operations 1943-45
  • Adoption of Business-to-Business E-commerce in China
  • Service Design Leadership
  • Workplace Design Strategies Within Business Organizations
  • The design of experiential services
  • An exploration of how creativity is taught on university fashion business courses and its suitability for the fashion industry
  • The management of design in companies that exhibit design coherence
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