Health and Social Care Modelling Research Group



The group's recent and current projects include:

  • Local Government Association – Framework Agreement (jointly with RAND Europe and Cambridgeshire County Council) - 2 year project - to provide services on qualitative methods, quantitative methods, statistical modelling and analysis.
  • Hounslow PCT (KTP) ~ £237,368 - Evidenced based planning and modelling for primary care trusts
  • NHS London Procurement Programme ~ £65,000 – (PhD studentship) - Predicting placement, length of stay, and cost in NHS continuing care.
  • Department of Health – CSED ~ £120,000 – Forecasting Length of Stay and Cost (FLoSC).
  • NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement ~ £50,000 – Evaluation of the Scenario Generator software tool – awarded to MASHnet via University of Southampton (Prof Sally Brailsford, lead).
  • UCL Hospital with Dr Nicola Robertson - Towards Effective Capacity Planning in a Perinatal Network.
  • Hounslow PCT: £12,050 – Modelling capacity & demand for a polyclinic.
  • Concentra Ltd and Technology Strategy Board: £110,528 – (KTP) – To develop a robust simulation tool as a stand-alone application and integrate into other products.
  • Hounslow PCT: £14,340 – Mining patient profile and cohort of users of a portfolio of services – writing and supervision.
  • NHS London Procurement Programme:  £11,000 – Demand forecasting tool for NHS continuing care.
  • NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement: ~ £50,000 (consultancy) Awarded to MASHnet to write a high level report Report on ‘The State of the Art’ of Simulation in Healthcare for NHS Institute for the Scenario Generator Project, with Dr Martin Pitt (Peninsula Medical School, lead), Prof Ruth Davies (Warwick University), and David Bensley (Department of Health).
  • The Operational Research Society (for MASHnet): £10,000 with PenTAG, lead applicant Funding to continue support to MASHnet, the UK network on Modelling and Simulation in Healthcare.
  • EPSRC - Quantitative Modelling in the Management of Health Care - £3,725.
  • London Borough of Merton - £3,800 – Development of models of length of stay in care of older people.
  • KTP with RKW Healthcare Strategists ~ £110,000 - Development of a computer modelling and simulation based toolkit to enable rapid development of models of healthcare processes to advise health care organisations on optimal care provision and delivery.
  • EPSRC ~ £105,000 – Development of a decision support tool for forecasting and planning resource use in long-term care for elderly people.
  • KTP with The NutriCentre - ~ £200,000 (Prof David Peters, Lead) Development of an Information System (IS) for reporting and assessing Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) of natural medicines.
  • Wales Office of Research and Development for Health and Social Care - £7,830 (£4,000 to University of Westminster, Prof David Fone, Cardiff University, lead) Investigation of service provision for heart failure using decision analysis and simulation.


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