Part 2

File number Title Description Date Language Manuscript /Typescript etc.
2 Articles, photocopied items and press cuttings Miscellaneous papers on Francophone literature (Maghrebian and Subsaharan) and current affairs Separate folder entitled: Les Beurs 1978-93 English or French Various
2.1 Les Beurs Folder of articles on people of Maghrebian descent living in France 1978-93 English or French Photocopied articles
2.1.1 Silence et aveuglement sur l’identité française Article in Libération p.5 by Michel Wieviorka with photograph 17th March 1993 French Photocopied newsprint
2.1.2 Leila Sebbar : The Voice of Silence and Protest Article by Farida Abu-Haidar in Women: A Cultural Review Vol.2 No.3 pp.260-263 Winter 1991 English Photocopied journal article
2.1.3 Une Mouvance en questions Article in Qantara p.14 by Farid Aichoune April-May-June 1992 French Photocopied journal article
2.1.4 Les Beurs Letter from Alec Hargreaves to Ethel Tolansky advising on specialist libraries and documentation centres in Paris 31st July 1989 English Typescript
2.1.5 Alec C. Hargreaves Publications List of books and articles by A. Hargreaves undated English Typescript
2.1.6 Les Nord-Africains en France : réalités et représentations littéraires Article in The French Review Vol.LI No.5 pp.683-691 by Nicole M. Fouletier-Smith (University of Nebraska, Lincoln) April 1978 French Photocopied journal article
2.1.7 Quinze Beurs a Alger – une double fidélité Le Monde article p.16 by Robert Solé 23rd June 1989 French Photocopied newsprint
2.1.8 Language : Ratonnades ? Small article in Le Monde by Augustin Barbara ; no page number 7th September 1987 French Newsprint
2.1.9 Le Devoir d’intégration Article in Le Monde by Robert Solé; no page number 8th November 1989 French Photocopied newsprint
2.1.10 Interprétation libre Article in Le Monde by Robert Solé ; no page number 27th October 1989 French Newsprint
2.1.11 Télévision : Beurs mais pas groseilles : les Arabes a l’écran Article in Arabies pp. 77-79 by Timour Muhidine Undated French Photocopied journal article
2.2 Littératures/Chroniques Whole page from Le Monde des Livres (pp.v -vi) includes ‘Rachid Mimouni, l’homme de qualité’ by Tahar ben Jelloun, Rêve d’Algérie (book review by Christian Giudicelli) and Cartes et Identités’ by Nicole Zand 17th February 1995 French Newsprint
2.3 Passing Judgment on Algeria Obituary of Rachid Mimouni by Douglas Johnson in The Guardian ; no page number 15th February 1995 English Newsprint
2.4 L’ex-FIS condamne l’attentat d’Alger Reuter press release on whole page from Le Monde (International) pp3-4. Also includes articles on Tchechnia and Bosnia 3rd February 1995 French Newsprint
2.5 La Répression d’une mutinerie dans une prison d’Alger fait une centaine de morts Article in Le Monde p.5. Unsigned. Also ‘Commentaire’ by Catherine Simon entitled ‘Une Guerre sans honneur’ + an article on Tchad by Thomas Sotinel 24th February 1995 French Newsprint
2.6 On Patrol with faceless gendarmes Article in The Independent p.12 by Robert Fisk 7th March 1995 English Newsprint
2.7 Slaughtered thousands are eloquent on the human cost of Algeria’s holy war Guardian article p.11 by Nora Boustany 7th March 1995 English Newsprint