Finance and Financial Services

CFFS aims to encourage the development of finance and financial services research at the highest level, integrate PhD students into the School, link research into key areas of teaching, while promoting and advertising the School's research externally.

The CFFS group brings together staff mainly from the department of Accounting, Finance and Governance specialising in the study of issues related to pensions, international financial markets, fixed income markets, financial econometrics, accounting, comparative international accounting, social and environmental accounting, accounting in less developed countries and various aspects of business law and governance.

Research on pensions is also linked to our established Pensions Research Network whose aims and objectives are to primarily create an online network for sharing information and presenting new research or work in progress relating to pensions.

By drawing together academics and their research, it widens the field of knowledge within the areas of retirement, savings, pensions and ageing. Quarterly meetings are organised giving members and other interested parties the opportunity to meet, present, discuss and collaborate on research projects.

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