2014 REF Design Portfolios

The Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment’s submission to the 2014 Research Excellence Framework was placed in the top 50% of the 45 submissions in Architecture, Built Environment and Planning. 20% of our publications and research effort were deemed to be ‘world leading’ (4*) and 45% ‘internationally excellent’ (3*). As part of this submission, the Department of Architecture submitted 17 design portfolios, in keeping with its ethos of supporting and promoting practice led research. These portfolios can be viewed using the links below:

Peter Barber – Social Housing (Various)

Peter Barber – Homeless Facilities (Various)

Anthony Boulanger – House of Flags

Anthony Boulanger – Montpelier Community Nursery, Kentish Town

Davide Deriu – Modernism in Miniature

Sean Griffiths – Dara Building, Grote Koppel, Amersfoort, Netherlands

Sean Griffiths – Riverside One, Middlesbrough

Sean Griffiths – The Museum of Copying, 13th Venice Architecture Biennale

Kester Rattenbury – Archigram Archival Project

Kester Rattenbury – Supercrits #3-#7

Andrei Martin – N+ Masterplan, Ningbo, China

Andrei Martin – Centre 4G Masterplan, Osong Biovalley, South Korea

Gabby Shawcross – Interactive Installations (Various)

Filip Visnjic – Creative Applications Network Website

Andrew Yau – Messina Waterfront Masterplan and Polycentre, Sicily

Andrew Yau – Milazzo Harbour Project, Sicily


Experimental Practice (EXP) produces print and digital publications on experimental architectural practice.

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Experimental practice (EXP) was set up in 2003 to support, document and generate major experimental design projects.