Experimental Practice (EXP) was set up in 2003 to support, document and generate major experimental design projects that have acted or act as laboratories for the architectural profession, including built and un-built design projects, books, exhibitions and building works. It is known for major initiatives such as the Archigram Archival Project, the Supercrit Series, and the major arts-architecture venue AmbikaP3. It initiates and runs projects, events and publications, collaborating with individuals and organisations, acting as an umbrella body for design architects who are developing their own design or practice based research. EXP has strong links with the RMIT PhD by Practice programme, and leads Westminster's membership of its European partner organisation ADAPT-r. This exciting and rigorous new form of design research is done by practitioners undertaking PhDs on their own design work, analysing and developing their own work as they do it, and can be accessed through the University of Westminster. 


Experimental Practice (EXP) produces print and digital publications on experimental architectural practice.


Members of Experimental practice (EXP) are recipients of numerous national and international awards


Experimental Practice (EXP) is home to world-class scholars, architects and doctoral researchers.

Latest News

For latest news of research activities in EXP follow the link to visit the Open Research website.