Associated Courses and Modules

The following courses and modules are aligned with Expanded Territories:

BA Architecture

First Year Group F (Corinna Dean and Benson Lau)

First Year Group D (Duarte Santo & Rut Cuenca)

Design Studio (Two)Two (Natalie Newey and Anthony Powis)

M Arch

Design Studio 12 (Ben Stringer and Peter Barber)

Design Studio 18 (Lindsay Bremner and Roberto Botttazi)

Design Studio 21 (Clare Carter, Gill Lambert and Nick Wood)

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Latest News

For latest news of research activities in Expanded Territories follow the link to visit the Open Research website.

Academic Staff

Expanded Territories is a loose alignment of researchers, scholars and designers working on architecture in an expanded field.


Members of Expanded Territories publish in a wider range of journals and other media.