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Through the Lens: Embodying the City explores the relationship between the body and the urban environment.

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The collection of photographs explores the contrasts of corporeal dynamism and the solid urban canvas. The exhibition features contributions from four London based artists who each have an individual interpretation of the relationship between people and the city.

The artists 

Michael Frank’s photographs are an observation on how humans react to certain and given conditions within the urban space. His pieces, captured using a concealed camera, focus on the way in which people present themselves in a crowd.

Using dance, Christina Lange questions how movement and function can be manipulated by the surrounding the space.

Konstantinos Vasileiou comments on the restrictions of the city for the physical form but not the mind. His video “Heavenly Dream” expresses the freedom of personal thought and the potential loss of attachment with reality.

The works by Peter Tweedie marries his love of capturing architecture and his intrigue in creative movement in the form of free running photography.