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The first seminar in a new series on World Politics. All are welcome to attend.


Albin Kurti, President of Levizja VETEVENDOSJE! and Chair of the Committee on Foreign Relations in the Parliament of the Republic of Kosova.


Almost 15 years after the liberation from Serbia and six years after the declaration of independence, Kosova remains the country in Europe with the greatest poverty levels and the highest unemployment rate. Rather than blaming this on historical, cultural or geological reasons, this talk will address the economic degradation and social misery caused by following a misguided economic model.

In Kosova, the transition from a socialist to a capitalist economic system via a doctrine of neoliberalism did not result in capitalism but rather in feudalism. While the privatisation of socially owned enterprises was extended to publicly owned ones, government capital investments were dominated by expensive contracts with foreign corporations.

The way OUT is now the return IN: what is needed are investments in the fields of domestic manufacture, agricultural and industrial production – with the state not controlling the economy but neither remaining as a spectator.