Environmental Studies

PSI Environment Group

Environmental policy research is inherently concerned with links between society and the natural world. Human activities can have a profound influence on ecosystems, the climate and landscapes.

Conversely, the natural world has value for health, aesthetic or recreational reasons and provides the resources upon which economic activities depend. The PSI Environment Group is dedicated to the analysis of the socio-economic causes of environmental impacts and the policies that may ameliorate them.

It seeks to undertake policy-relevant research of the highest quality with a view to contributing to the maintenance and enhancement of the environment’s contribution to human welfare, now and in the future.

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The International Eco-Cities Initiative is a multi-national research network co-ordinated by scholars at the University of Westminster. Research and knowledge transfer activities include:

  • theoretical and empirical analysis of urban sustainability and related governance and innovation issues;
  • cross-national and -cultural comparisons of diverse eco-city initiatives;
  • international seminars, workshops and conferences; and
  • consultancy and knowledge partnerships with policy-makers and practitioners.

Eco-cities research group.