Architectural Technology

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The Architectural Technology sub-group of Environment and Technology comprises scholars and practitioners in the fields of architecture and engineering engaged in the implementation and study of the technologies of architecture. Its research agenda has been built over a number of years by Will Mclean and Pete Silver through teaching, research and publication. Specific areas of identified interest include a-typical construction technologies, the innovative and efficient use of materials, human comfort and the environmental envelope, systems building design, computational tools in architecture, interaction design in the built environment, day-lighting and acoustics. Research outputs include authored and edited books, regular journal and magazine articles and on-going practice driven research into the history and on-going technological development of architecture.

Architectural Technology hosts the annual Technical Studies Lecture Series.

A number of its outputs are published through Biblioteque McLean.


Environment and Technology publishes widely in the areas of environmental design and architectural technology.

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Environment and Technology includes scholars, practitioners and doctoral researchers engaged in the study of environmental design.