Language, Gender and Politics

Research in the area of Language, Gender and Politics involves discourse analytic approaches to parliamentary speech events such as Prime Minister’s Question Time and linguistic ethnographic approaches to parliamentary institutions and analyses of mediatised political events such as televised election debates.

Drawing on feminist approaches to linguistics, this work examines the participation of women and men in politics in order to address questions about the underrepresentation of women, both in politics and more generally in public life.

Dr Sylvia Shaw has carried out ESRC funded research into language, gender and participation in the devolved institutions of the UK; published Gender, Power and Political Speech: Women and Language in the 2015 UK General Election with Deborah Cameron, and is currently working on a monograph Women, Language and Politics for Cambridge University Press.

Discourse analytic work is also undertaken more widely in research and teaching in the department, including Dr Sean Sutherland’s textbook A Beginner’s Guide to Discourse Analysis (2016).


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