Language Contact

Since the early 1990s Westminster has been a centre for the study of pidgins and creole linguistics. Until his retirement in 2009, Professor Philip Baker led the group, establishing the Westminster Creolistics series that is now published by Battlebridge Press. Anand Syea has published major work in the field including, in 2013, The Syntax of Mauritian Creole. Dr Syea is an organising participant in the Groupe de Recherches sur les Grammaires Creoles project at CNRS (Paris 8), funded by the European Commission. The June 2009 symposium ‘Multilingualism: Mediaeval and Modern’ brought together these interests with those of others in the Department working on mediaeval contact languages. Since 2010 the Department has also supported the annual ‘Language Contact, Change, Maintenance and Loss’ conferences’ led by Kelechukwu Ihemere.


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