Historical Study of the English Language

The major work in this area has been the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and Leverhulme-funded projects (in collaboration with the University of Manchester) on medieval vocabularies of textiles and clothing. The AHRC-funded project, on which Louise Sylvester was Co-Investigator, has resulted in a substantial online searchable database.

Follow-on funding granted by the AHRC in 2015 will result in a new website with translations and extracts from the medieval Royal Wardrobe accounts and images depicting the clothing described in the accounts commissioned from the artist Maggie Kneen. Visit the project blog.

The Leverhulme funded project on Medieval Dress and Textile on which Louise Sylvester was Principal Investigator, has produced an important new anthology of multilingual source texts for Boydell (2014).

Our historical studies have been enhanced by the appointment of Richard Ingham as Visiting Professor. He has collaborated with Louise Sylvester on a Leverhulme-funded project to create a Bilingual Thesaurus of Everyday Life in Medieval England which will present the Middle English and Anglo-Norman vocabulary for seven domains of everyday life: Building, Domestic Activities, Farming, Food Preparation, Manufacture, Trade, and Travel by Water.

Richard Ingham’s extensive work on the context and transmission of Anglo-Norman is complemented by that of Heather Pagan, part-time lecturer in the department and co-editor of the Anglo-Norman Dictionary.

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