Politics of Resources

The possession of valuable resources, notably oil, gas and minerals, creates a number of opportunities and challenges for states and peoples in the Global South. How are these resources to be managed so as to enhance the development opportunities for resource-rich countries in the Global South and avoid the danger of the ‘resource curse’? How can fast growing and energy-intensive economies, like China and India, assure that they have access to relatively cheap and secure supplies of these vital resources? How can the energy needs of the South be ensured while seeking to shift towards a low-carbon economy?

EPP provides a critical forum for research, discussion and external engagement over these issues and provides a critical space for engagement with energy analysts, civil society groups and business. Particular focus is on the political economy of the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa and the energy-driven foreign policies of Russia, China and India.


Social Movements

EPP assesses the new dynamics of social movements in differing regions in the Global South.

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Research themes

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