Reflections is a bi-monthly essay series written by our partners and guests. The short, accessible pieces aim to stimulate discussion on a wide range of topics related to sustainable urbanism, with authors from across academia, policy and practice. If you are interested in contributing, please email [email protected]

Reflections Issue 21: The culture behind infrastructure: reflections on nearly a decade of research into cycling culture and policy in the UK by Dr Rachel Aldred

Reflections, Issue 20: Smart city-regional governance for sustainability? By Yonn Dierwechter, Tassilo Herrschel and Gerd Lintz

Reflections, Issue 19: Beyond the compact city: a London case study, by Duncan Bowie

Reflections, Issue 18: Eco-cities and Transferable Development Credits, by Rick Pruetz

Reflections, Issue 17: How stupid can smart be? By Jean-Paul Close

Reflections, Issue 16: Cambridge Retrofit: mobilising a community, by Douglas Crawford-Brown

Reflections, Issue 15: 'Smart city': a regressive agenda? By Simon Joss

Reflections, Issue 14: Science fiction and the smart-eco city, by Rob Cowley

Reflections, Issue 13: Reinventing the world through urban experiments, by Rob Raven, James Evans and Andrew Karvonen

Reflections, Issue 12: Sustainable urban and infrastructure development in China, by Martin de Jong

Reflections, Issue 11: The context for thinking about eco-City initiatives, by William Rees

Reflections, Issue 10: Eco-cities vs. Ökostädte: similarities and differences, by Teresa Damm

Reflections, Issue 9: Smart cities: from concept to practice, by Simon Joss

Reflections, Issue 8: Eco-cities in the making? The transformation of industrial parks In China, by Chang Yu

Reflections, Issue 7: The most sustainable urban community developments in the theory, by Marcella Whitfield

Reflections, Issue 6: Notes from Sejong city, by Robert Cowley

Reflections, Issue 5: Theorising urban sustainability through a cultural lens, by Njogu Morgan

Reflections, Issue 4: Urban resilience in action? The case of Tottenham (London, UK), by Martin Stumpler

Reflections, Issue 3: Defining the eco-city: a discursive approach, by Elizabeth Rapoport and Anne-Lorene Vernay

Reflections, Issue 2: Smart cities: reflections on efforts to standardize a new concept, by Simon Joss

Reflections, Issue 1: Eco-cities: can they work? By Art Molella

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