About the Leverhulme International Network

The aim of this international network is to carry out comparative research and policy analysis relating to various ‘eco-city’ (urban sustainability) indicators, standards and certification schemes. The network is made up of ten partners from various global regions that bring together essential research and policy expertise.

The network engages in:

The three-year programme of work entails:

  • mapping and comparing eco-city frameworks, standards and certification schemes
  • evaluating the use and implementation of eco-city frameworks
  • defining requirements for international eco-city standards
  • dissemination of outputs

Outputs include:

  • academic publications
  • policy briefing papers
  • open access database with access to project materials
  • local and national workshops hosted by the consortium partners, aimed at researchers, policy experts and practitioners at (sub)national level
  • end-of-project dissemination event hosted in London in summer 2015
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The Governance of Eco-City Innovation.