ESRC Research Seminar

The Governance of Eco-City Innovation

The aim of this ESRC Research Seminar is to explore the governance of current eco-city innovation, and to facilitate the development of academic and expert networks with a view to stimulating policy-relevant research and knowledge transfer. The seminar series consists of five consecutive events hosted during 2011―2012. The events address the multi-faceted interrelationship between governance and innovation. This is particularly pertinent, given the recent rapid expansion and mainstreaming of eco-city initiatives, which gives rise to important questions about their political, social and economic governance.


The convenors included academics, policy specialists and practitioners from eight organisations in the United Kingdom and abroad. The initiative was co-ordinated by the University of Westminster.

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20 May 2011  

Seminar 1 - Eco-City Governance: defining the research and policy agenda

Convenors: Simon Joss, Tassilo Herrschel

Download the Programme, Abstracts and Synthesis Report here.

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11 October 2011  

Seminar 2 - Eco-city innovation: integrated systems management & policy coordination


Innovation can occur from integration – the recombination of existing knowledge in new ways. The second event in this ESRC Research Seminar series brings together researchers and practitioners to reflect on integration in contemporary international eco-city developments. It will consider...

Convenors: : L Frederiksen, P Head and A Owen

Download the Programme, Abstracts and Synthesis Report.

10 February 2012  

Seminar 3 - Eco-city politics: national policy, local leadership, public accountability

The third ESRC eco-city research seminar assesses the challenges involved in achieving effective leadership for sustainable urban development in different national and sub-national governance and policy contexts. These challenges will be analysed through a comparison of four EU countries: Germany,...

Convenors: : A Franzen, D Greenwood, Y Li

Download the programme, Abstract and Synthesis report

30 May 2012

Seminar 4 - Bringing eco-cities to life: community engagement, local activism

Download the programme, Abstract and the Synthesis Report

15 November 2012

Seminar 5 - ‘Good’ governance for eco-city innovation: international perspectives

Seminar: 1.30 - 5.45pm
Lecture: 6 - 8pm

View the programme here and Download the Synthesis Report

Governing for Eco-city Innovation

Policy Brief: download here

Download a PDF of our Eco-City Police Briefing document.

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