About the Bellagio Project

The Bellagio project addresses the development of international standards and policy for eco-cities, or sustainable cities. At its centre was an international expert meeting that took place in Bellagio (Italy) in September 2012. The multi-disciplinary group of 18 experts from 14 countries included: urban planners and developers; promoters of eco-city indicator and endorsement schemes; policy-makers; and academics.

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The Bellagio process was structured around the following themes:

  • mapping and comparing various eco-city indicator systems and endorsement schemes
  • evaluating the use of eco-city indicators, standards and frameworks within particular policy contexts
  • identifying policy needs and opportunities at local, national and international levels

See Bellagio meeting programme.

The Bellagio process resulted in two major outputs:

  • a comprehensive report, including the joint ‘Bellagio statement’ as agreed by the participants
  • individual interviews with members of the expert group.
Yvonne Rydin Bellagio conference video still

Conference videos

The Governance of Eco-City Innovation.