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Partners of the International Eco-Cities Initiative have published an article analysing the role of citizenship in British smart city standards.

A new essay by Dr Rachel Aldred provides an introduction to her award-winning research into cycling cultures and policy in the UK.

Registration is open for the third conference of the Regional Studies Association (RSA) Research Network on 'Smart City-Regional Governance for Sustainability', with the central topic of ‘spatial smartness’. A preliminary programme is now also available.

As housing, schools and hospitals continue to fail fire safety checks in the wake of the Grenfell Tower disaster, two Westminster academics analyse how such a situation could have arisen.

A new essay by Yonn Dierwechter, Tassilo Herrschel and Gerd Lintz introduces the concept of ‘smart city-regional governance’.

Matthew Cook, a partner of the International Eco-Cities Initiative, will be presenting on the role of the citizen in smart city standards, at an event entitled ‘Shaping data standards for future cities’ in Glasgow on 19 May.

A new paper by three members of the International Eco-Cities Initiative investigates the role of the public in smart city initiatives.

A fifteen-page special report on smart cities was published in The Times on 15 March 2017.

We are pleased to welcome Florence Nassali, a new doctoral researcher investigating resilient governance processes for emerging economies in the wake of climate change.

We are pleased to welcome Megan Sharkey, our latest doctoral researcher, investigating community-led movements for achieving more resilient and sustainable cities.

Simon Joss and partners of the International Eco-Cities Initiative are amongst those who have authored a paper in response to the ‘New Urban Agenda’, taking shape as a result of the UN-HABITAT III conference.

At what point should we reconsider the ‘compact city’ ideal in planning? A new paper by Duncan Bowie, using London as a case study, argues that development options beyond the city core should be given more consideration.

Professor Simon Joss has published an article in the magazine Public Sector Executive about smart cities, their technological innovation and local engagement.

Duncan Bowie introduces the special section on strategic planning in London, in the Journal of the Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA).

A new essay by Rick Pruetz explores the use of a market-based planning tool, ‘Transferable Development Credits’ (TDCs), being applied in the US to achieve aims where more traditional approaches may struggle.

We are delighted that Michael Neuman will be joining the University of Westminster in early 2017 as Professor of Sustainable Urbanism at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment.

A new essay by Jean-Paul Close challenges the use of the term ‘smart’, and proposes a new model of ‘smartness’, based on core values, citizen science and community engagement.

Contributions are invited to Monsoon Assembly Air, the first of three annual symposia to be convened by Monsoon Assemblages.

We are pleased to welcome Rabea Willers, our latest doctoral researcher, investigating digital citizen engagement in smart cities.

A new vacancy for a post-doctoral research fellow in sustainable urbanism has arisen at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, University of Westminster.

A new essay provides insights into an inspiring and ambitious energy efficiency initiative aiming to retrofit the city of Cambridge.

While concepts related to the 'sustainable' city have dominated urban planning for most of recent decades, in the past few years the 'smart' theme has enjoyed a meteoric rise to prominence.

A new conference paper by Rob Cowley, a partner in the SMART-ECO project, investigates the relationship between science fiction and the recent discourses around 'smart' and 'eco' cities.

Early-career researchers are invited to submit papers for a three-day workshop on the topic: ‘Sustainable urban infrastructure and social inclusion – improving choice and wellbeing in UK and Chinese cities’.

We are pleased to welcome Zubeida Lowton, our latest doctoral researcher and recipient of a prestigious Commonwealth Scholarship Award.


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